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"No one who Tours Scotland can escape the past.
It is everywhere, haunting like a ghost."

Tours Of Scotland

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Tour Anstruther

This East Neuk fishing village in Fife is where I was raised in Scotland. I have a deep and abiding love of this area, and all of Fife.

Anstruther gained its Royal Charter in 1587 and comprises Anstruther Easter & Wester, Cellardyke and Kilrenny. In its heyday, Anstruther was one of the busiest ports in the East Neuk and is steeped in history. Even with the general decline of the Fishing industry Anstruther is still a great attraction because of the Scottish Fisheries Museum. The museum is housed in old domestic buildings and also in the 16th century site used by the monks from Balmerino Abbey.

It is best to explore Anstruther on foot and a walk through the old streets will recapture the names and history of days from a bygone age. The Dreel River forms the boundary between Anstruther Easter & Wester and in olden days was guarded by the Dreel Castle. The Parish Church of Easter was built in 1634 and dedicated to St. Adrian.